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Duelz Casino Review – Mobile Gambling and Spells

Unlike the most of the online casinos Duelz is not just a place where you can play cards, roulette or slot machines. It is a themed online website which is created for those who have a passion for magic, spells, sorcerer’s and fairy tale spirit.

You would be surprised when you visit the the first time as here you will see not a standard home page of an online casino, but a loading up windows and a unique design which is not common for online gambling website.

The thing is that here you can do something more that just gamble casino games – there are mini games that allow you to feel like a sorcerer with spells, chambers and duels with other players.

Moreover, when it comes to the choice of games you are also going to be astonished by the unique games that you can see only in the Duelz Casino as they are bounded to the theme of the website.

It is also has to be mentioned that the website administration advices players to use mobile devices for the better gambling experience. The thing is the casino is better optimized for mobile devices that for the desktop PCs which you can see when you compare the full and mobile versions of the site.

Actually, there are not many online casinos that have their own face and spirit. The majority of them are very much alike and can only differ in the choice of games promotions and other details which are important but make them look similar for the players. That is what you definitely cannot say about the casino Duelz as it is rather hard to say that is has at least something of common with other casinos.

So let’s begin the review of the casino – here we will describe all the most important features of the website and the main reasons to consider this as an option to gamble in for players in Canada and all over the world in 2021.

User Interface

The user interface of the online casino deserves to be reviewed in details. To start with, it is very different from the standard online casinos. Unlike other websites that contain the majority of information like promotions, policies and other things, here you only can register and read an article about the main features of the online casino.

The administration of the online casino advices to use the mobile version of the website as it primarily intended for mobile use, not for gambling on your PC. Really, the website looks much better when you launch the mobile version instead of the PC version.

That is rather uncommon as most of the casinos claim the mobile gambling feature as the additional one, so most of them do not develop apps and do not pay much attention to mobile optimization.

After you get signed up to the website you can enter the lobby section and choose the games you want to play. The registration process itself also has to be reviewed in the section below.

Signing Up

It is very easy to sign up to the online casino – all you need to do is to tap Registration button on the homepage of the website. Afterwards you are going to be redirected to the page where you need to insert the personal data. You fill each of the fields necessary for registration on the separate pages.

For example, after you fill the email field you need to press the Next button and then you will get redirected to the page where you need to fill in the Password field and so on. You need to insert only true data in order to complete registration. There are many fields to fill in including those where you should type in your address, city where you live and phone number. No confirmation is needed to create the account on the website.

You also need to accept the User Agreement to complete registration. Afterwards you are logged in to your account and if you want to login to your account in future you only need to insert your email and password you have chosen.

The registration process won’t be completed if you insert false data in the forms. For example you cannot type ‘Ncjdjs’ or something like that in the fields of your name or city as the algorithm will find that senseless word and abandone registration.
After you finish the registration process you are going to be redirected to the lobby where you automatically got the welcome bonus for new players. No, that is not about the additional funds on your account like no deposit bonus – it is about the additional perks and spells for the duels. This is going to be disclosed below.


Just like everything else in the casino Duelz the promotions here are not common. the majority of the online casino can only provide something like free spins, bonus codes and other types of benefits that do not differ much. Of course, there are some unique casinos that provide mini games to gamble for additional benefits, and this is where the Duelz casino is on the top of the list.

Here in order to vary your gaming process and get benefits for the high results you can participate in the magic duels against other players. That is why the list of the perks you can get in the online casino is something more than just free spins and bonus funds on your account. However, let’s start from the bonuses you get and you can claim for right after the registration is finished.

Newcomers Bonuses

There are casinos that reward new players with no deposit bonuses, others just let you make deposit and get more funds on your account. The Duelz casino has went further and provide with outstanding bonus – a chest with the spells and perks that you can use in the duels against other players.

These spells are for the PvP fights which you can participate in to win other players. The more fights you win the higher is your rank and when your rank is high enough you can move to the top class league and compete with the best players in the fair fight.

For those who are asking whether there are any standard bonuses like no deposit bonuses there also will be good news. The new player can claim for the promo code that grants one 100 Euro bonus funds in case you make a deposit of 100 Euro. The minimum sum you can claim for is 20 Euros – you need to make a deposit of 20 Euros to get it. The wager for each bonus makes 45. That means that if you got 20 bonus Euros on your account you need to make stakes on 900 Euros to be able to withdraw your funds from bonus account.

No matter how much you are going to cash in first time you will get 20 free spins anyway. These spins can be used by any player in the Book of Dead game – the unique and specific slot machine which you only can play in the Duelz Casino. The game and bonus codes are available for all players from Canada and all over the world.

These welcome bonuses are eligible for 2021 and can change in the next year. Make sure you track the updates on your email.


Al the players that gamble in Casino Duelz should know about chests – these magic appliances contain spells and perks which will be very helpful for duels. You get free chests from the administration several times a day and can get top class chests for achievements in the game.

Make sure that you read the description of all of the spells that can be contained in the chests. The thing is they are going to be very helpful when you fight with other players, and the more victories you gain, the more benefits you can claim for.

You also can purchase spells or chests – that doesn’t cost too much as the packages cost from 1 to 3 Euros. For 3 Euro you can get a package of 50 spells and choose the ones you really think you need for the ongoing duels with other players that also are signed up to the casino.

How to Play Free Games?

You cannot play free games in the Duelz Casino – it is only possible to gamble here if you make a deposit. Unlike the majority of other websites where you can play with a demo account and gamble for free, there is no such an opportunity here.

It can be called to be a bad decision of the online to restrict free games in the online casinos, however, that is only true for those who have never played the games in the Duelz. The thing is that here your gambling process is strongly tied to the side activities like duels with other players, and thus it is completely fair that you cannot really enjoying playing for fun.

Unique Features

Duelz Casino is featured by the great amount of modules and characteristics that make it unique and bring a better gambling experience for players. You won’t find any other casino that is fit for mobile gambling only, while in the Duelz you really need to use your smartphone or tablet to gamble the great variety of games presented here.

Moreover, here you do not just play casino games, you can also play duels with other players and get various benefits and bonuses for your account. All you need to do is to use spells and magic tools from the chests you get on your balance if you apply for bonuses, participate in casino events and some of the perks you get just for playing.

There is really something more about Duelz that just gambling as here you can participate in side events and your duels with other players affect your rating. There are several leagues you move among depending on your duel’s results and the better are your results in 1×1 combats the higher is the league you play in and the more bonuses and perks you can claim for.

Responsible Gambling

Maybe this online casino is the one that needs the responsible gambling policy the most. The thing is there are many engaging features here and thus the majority of gamers can not only stick here saking for real money and prizes, but also because of it is very interesting to fight in magic duels against other players. Thus, here the administration has enforced several useful policies that allow players have a break or limit their gambling activity and play for real money without any negative consequences.

For example, if you have a limit of the funds you can spend on online casino and you know about it all you need to do is to inform the support service about that. Just contact the support via the live chat and ask to limit your daily/weekly/monthly deposits with a specified sum.

You also should consider a break feature. It allows you to ask the administration to block an access to your account for several hours or days. It is very valuable feature if you know that sometimes it is hard for you to stop from gambling and you feel it can cause negative effects on your life.

In case you have decided to stop gambling in Duelz Casino just ask the administration to delete your account. Afterwards, you will be able to withdraw funds from your account and shut the account down.

You always can create a new account using your old login data or contact the support via the live chat and ask them to restore your personal area.

Reliable Gambling

It would be a great disappointment for all the players if the online casino like this would treat its players unfair. Luckily for us, the casino Duelz administration made it all to provide players with the most fair gaming process.

All the gambling activities and reports are submitted to international regulative associations that provide fairness when it comes to online casinos. There is a reliable RNG algorithm enforced to provide all the players with guarantees of the fact that nothing is affecting the match outcomes except the player’s luck.

Mobile Duelz Casino

The casino is featured with the great amount of unique elements. One such element is the fact the website was created for mobile gambling and is not very well optimized for the desktop PCs. There is no mobile app developed, so you cannot download software on your phone to play free games.

However, you do not really need as it is is as convenient as possible to play free games using the browser. All you need to do is to download the last version of browser and install the freshest version of Flash Player – this is enough to enjoy the outstanding experience provided by the marvellous casino Duelz.

If you want to use the website on your PC, you should install the User Agent extension which you can then use to emulate the Android or iPhone device in your PC browser. Such an approach allows you to play games in Duelz on the big screen.

How to Get The Best Experience from Gambling in Casino?

First of all, do not ignore the special events in the online casino like duels between the players. It will bring outstanding joy if you like magic, sorcerers and PvP battles between the real players.

Once you get signed up to the online casino you will get a welcome present – a chest where you can find spells to use against the players in the fights 1×1. Use the spells in the chest to win and track your progress as a sorcerer in the League table which is available from the lobby.

You also should try out the games developed by the Duelz – you won’t find those in any other casino, so do not hesitate to try them out – it will be an outstanding experience for you.

Use the promo codes you get from the administration and claim bonus codes that allow you to prolong your gaming activity in the casino. There is a good wager coefficient which usually doesn’t exceed 30 so it is a good deal to get 50 or 100% bonuses on your account when you make deposits.

Do not forget using the free spins you are granted with each time you make a deposit. Note that when you make your first deposit you are granted with 20 spins each day during five days – a magnificent bonus you can use in the Book of Dead slot machine and win real money for free.

Most of the promo codes that are available for the players are occasional so track your phone and email box and you won’t miss them.

24/7 Customer Care

The best way to contact the support service is to use the live chat available on the website. You should make it clear that if you have any issues with login or gaming process you can easily clarify all the questions if you contact the customer care agent.

Most of the issues can be solved in several minutes and most of the promo codes are activated automatically via the lobby zone, so you won’t have any problems with getting a problem-free gambling experience.

Security and Privacy Issues

The Casino Duelz has made it all to provide gamblers from Canada and all over the world with the user-friendly and engaging service. Luckily, they have also considered the security issues so all those who play in the online casino do not need to hesitate about the safety of their gaming activity and private data like address, credit card number or others.

There is no way your private data can be shared with the third parties and there were no issues with the casino security since the moment it was launched. Do not be surprised when you are asked to provide a personal data or photo of documents like:

  • address proof
  • ID/DL
  • credit card

The thing is all of the online casinos must adhere the KYC and AML procedures in order to prevent money laundering activities via their services. That’s why you need to send these photos – account verification of users is obligatory for all casinos that comply with the regulations.


To end with, there are not many online casinos that can be called as unique like Duelz. The outstanding design, mobile orientation and such a authentic gaming process are the reasons one should consider the Duelz as a place to gamble.

You also should be acknowledged with the number and types of special offers which include free spins, additional funds for your account, spells and other perks. If you want to get as much as possible from the gambling activities on the website do not hesitate to participate in PvP battles and claim special bonuses as this is going to vary your experience slightly.

To conclude, if you want to experience something more than gambling in a regular casino, if you like the magic and sorcerers you definitely should at least consider this outstanding online casino that can give you many hours of joy and excitement.

Steven Faulk